Sonel ThermoAnalyze 2

Sonel ThermoAnalyze 2
Program for analyzes and reports for KT series cameras
Technical Specification
  • Description

    Capability of correcting emissivity coefficient for a part  or the  entire  thermal  image – the coefficient can be corrected for each selected area individually.

    Selection of analysed areas – selecting   rectangular,  oval   or  arbitrary  shape  area; selecting intersection  of   marked  areas,  joining,  cropping, as  well  as  moving selection borders.

    Readout of temperature in any point –  moving  the  cursor   over   the   "Information" window results  in   continuous  display  of temperature  and coordinates as well as other available information (maximal temperature, humidity, emissivity).

    Use of the Infra Fusion technology – the thermal image is overlaid on part of the visual image in  any user-selected palette. The  thermal image  is   overlaid  with  selected transparency, allowing for optimal presentation and marking areas of interest, especially, if it is difficult to compare visually places from the thermal image with the details of the visual image of the observed object.

    Determining and readout of minimal, maximal and mean temperature for the entire area, as well as for each selected area. Selection of a section  straight or polygonal line) for which the mean temperature can be determined, and along which the distribution of temperature profile can be automatically created.

    Automatic creation of a histogram for the entire image as well as for each selected area; including graphical presentation of the percent distribution of areas with temperatures falling into individual ranges.

    Sharpening, smoothing, averaging, edge enhancement of objects on the thermal image. Rotating or creation of mirror image.

    Report creation – also as an overlay for MS Word or Excel software – a report is built with simple drag-and-drop method to include all required elements – thermal images, respective visual images, analysis results for a selected part of the entire image; histograms, etc.

    Record of all introduced corrections as well as characteristic points, in order to enable further analysis at a later time.

    Selection of visually optimal colour palette (from 9 palettes available in the software) for the best visual presentation of temperature changes. Definition of the temperature range for the best presentation of temperature distribution (manual or automatic mode is available).

  • Technical Specification

    Changes in version  v2.2.2:

    • Photo editing has been improved

    Changes in version  v1.9.11:

    • Support for new cameras has been added.
    • Report creation module has been improved.

    Changes in version  v1.9.7:

    • minor changes in the report module, new functions

    Changes in version  v1.9.0:

    • changes in the report module,
    • other improvements / enhancements.

    Changes in version  v1.8.15:

    • improved general functionality,

    Changes in version  v1.8.1:

    • New camera models added.

    Changes in version  v1.6.6:

    • *.doc reports added (WORD),
    • added export data into txt,
    • improved general functionality,
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