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LKN-1000 transmitter
Technical Specification
  • Description


    Improved LKN-1000 transmitter delivers significantly higher power than previous model, which allows to:

    • Tracking underground services over a, longer distances,
    • Improve service detection in areas of high signal interference,
    • Improve depth estimation.

    Other benefits of the new transmitter:

    • four adjustable output levels with maximum output level, of 1 W,
    • durable waterproof design environmental protection rating of IP65,
    • smaller and lighter designed to work in harsh conditions,
    • choice of 3 tracing signals, 8 kHz or 33 kHz, in conductive mode 8 kHz and 33 kHz at the same time,
    • clear visual and visual signals for easier operation,
    • built-in test function – allowing operators to test the hardware and software functionality of the LKN-1000 before use,
    • externally located control buttons, ensure a waterproof.
  • Technical Specification
    Ingress protection IP65
    Power supply 4x LR20 battery
    Operating temperature -20…+55°C
    Storage temperature -40…+70°C
    Humidity 95%


    Typical detection range

    Mode Distance
    Induction mode 150 m/ 490 ft
    Connection mode 250 m/ 820 ft

    Operating transmission frequencies

    • 8.192 (8 kHz)
    • 32.768 (33 kHz)

    Display panel

    • 2 LED Mode Indicators
    • 2 LED Frequency Indicators
    • LED Battery Status Indicator
    • 3 LED Power Output Indicators


    4 membrane push buttons

    Integral Speaker

    • Audio volumes:

    85 dBA @ 30 cm

    • Tone:

    8 kHz mode: Low pitched tone

    33 kHz mode: Higher pitched tone

    Induction mode: Pulsed tone

    Connection mode: Pulsed tone when poor or no current output,continuous tone when good connection

    Internal battery

    • Type: 4 x LR20 (D) alkaline, supplied; or recharcheable battery D type
    • Typical operating time: 30 hrs intermittent use at 20°C / 68°F

    Instrument dimensions and weight

    • dimensions: 280 mm x 260 mm x 180 mm; 11 inches x 10.2 inches x 7 inches
    • weight: 2.4 kg / 5.3 lbs (including batteries)

    Output power

    1 W maximum, when directly connected to a buried service with a ground impedance of 100 Ω or less.

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