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Index: WMGBLMW100
Laser Distance Meter
Technical Specification
  • Description

    Size does matter!

    The LMW-100 is an invaluable measurement assistant for users working in the construction industry, but also for electricians. It will help you to determine:

    • the measurement grid for illuminance measurements,
    • the distance to the probes when measuring earth resistance,
    • the distance to cable damage indicated by the reflectometer.

    The 100-meter range facilitates the work in many industry branches. Functions for calculating the area, volume and height, help the user to accelerate the execution of tasks.


    The rangefinder has a range of up to 100 m. With the built-in algorithms, the device helps the user by calculating the area, cubature and - on the basis of 2 or 3 indirect measurements - height.


    A pocket device with a handy shape. Protective case included.


    The device is ready to work in difficult conditions. The rubberised housing protects the device against damage.

    Measurement functions

    Single mode measurements

    The device measures distance after pressing the trigger button.


    Continuous measurements

    The device automatically measures distance without the need to press a button.


    Automatic continuous determination of extreme values

    In the continuous measurement mode, the meter records the values every 0.5 s. The display shows the minimum and the maximum value among the previous ones, as well as the current reading.


    Summing up the results

    In the single measurement mode, the user can turn on the measurement results summing mode. The next measurement result will be added or subtracted from the current total.


    Surface measurement

    The device calculates the surface of an object based on two distance measurements.


    Volume measurement

    The device calculates the volume of an object based on three distance measurements.


    Determining the distance with two measurements

    This mode allows user to calculate the desired dimension based on the Pythagorean theorem and two measured auxiliary dimensions: the cathetus and hypotenuse of a right triangle. The length of the second cathetus is calculated.


    Determining the distance with three measurements

    This mode allows user to calculate the desired dimension based on the Pythagorean theorem and three measured auxiliary dimensions: two arms of the triangle and its height. The length of the base is calculated.

  • Technical Specification

    Technical specifications

    Basic features

    • HOLD
    • Range
      • 0.05...100 m
      • 0.16...328 ft

    Other features

    • Auto-off
    • Empty battery indication
    • Beeper


    • Type: segment-based LCD, 5 digits
    • Display backlight: manual

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